Pipe and Drape system

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Pipe and Drape systems that support the goal and creative vision of our clients

Pipe and drape rental

Pipe and drape is one of the easiest and affordable ways to dress a venue, enabling leaving you to transform almost any event space into an engaging and welcoming area for your event or occasion. Locations such as meeting space, grand ballroom, yachts and tired function rooms in hotels and you get an idea of where you could potentially use pipe and drape to enhance your event venue.

The versatility of pipe and drape systems means that it’s not simply confined to the decoration aspect of an event – imagine a large venue where you need to create some small rooms or need to partition off a build area, for example, or create some temporary changing rooms and need some privacy – all these are examples of where our Wentex pipe and drape systems could be used to great effect.

We are your source in Monaco, Cannes and Nice for Pipe and Drape rentals that will creatively highlight your environment and help you to stand out.

Our drapery curtains for our pipe and drape rental are available in:

  • Black drapery
  • White drapery
  • Grey drapery

Please don’t hesitate to ask about custom fabrication we are open to creating special drapery just for your event!

If you're interested in renting Pipe and drape, feel free to contact us.

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Pipe and drape grey
Pipe and drape hire Monaco