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Hire our simultaneous interpretation systems to make an impact at your event.

Simultaneous Interpretation Equipment Rental

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Providing simultaneous interpretation services requires the use of specialized Bosch translation equipment and Audipack translation booths that allow the interpreters to isolate the sound of the presenter from other sounds in the room while they are interpreting. This allows them to focus, without distraction, on providing simultaneous interpretation without any need for the presenters and interpreters to pause. 

At DEVS Av Rental we maintain an inventory of  Bosch translation equipment and technicians who are always onside during the event to ensure that everything goes smoothly. We provide all the translation equipment and translation booths that your organization will need for a professional interpretation service. Our translation technicians are experienced and knowledgeable which allows them to come up with on-the-fly solutions to adapt to quickly changing circumstances that often occur at meetings and other live events.

In addition, our translation services are completely mobile and scalable allowing us to provide whatever level of service you need remotely and at any location in Nice France, Monaco, Cannes, and abroad. We can also provide highly skilled professional simultaneous interpreters for your event.

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Translation equipment rental
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